Most Australians can choose their own super fund. Even if you change jobs, you should be able to take your existing superannuation fund to your new employer. There are exceptions so ask your employer’s payroll or Human Resources department if you’re not sure.

If you are able to choose your own super fund then you should look at a number of factors.

Investment Performance

Look at how the fund has performed over the last 5 years not just the last year or 6 months. In saying that, past performance is not an indication of future performance and that is why the following factors are just as important.

Number Of Investment Options

The more investment options you have, the more you are able to tailor your superannuation to your attitude to risk and your retirement goals.


Investigate what insurance cover is available and what it will cost. Insurance cover within superannuation includes Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability and Temporary Salary Continuance (Income Protection).

Extra Services

Look for superannuation funds that can provide you with extra services to help tailor your superannuation for your situation and goals. Extra services may include financial planning services, or access to other financial services like banking and health insurance.


Superannuation fees include member fees, management fees, contribution fees and Adviser fees. Your Financial Adviser may provide fee rebates and some funds provide family discounts on fees.

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